This Bursary Program was started to give 2-Spirit Community Members access to low-barrier bursaries. The funds are to be Self-Determined for whatever needs the members have and however they prioritize the spending of funds as well will require little or no reporting back. It is also a way for those who can give funds, a space to demonstrate their own philanthropy in hopes in inspire others to do the same. Take what you need, give what you can.

These 10 new Bursaries total $12000.00.

Sponsors agree to pay in full, the Bursary/Scholarship amount by December 31 each calendar year they sponsor a bursary or scholarship. The Applicants will be awarded full amounts at a special event in March 2023 of the following year. The eligibility and expectations are listed on each individual bursary page and a separate form for each bursary will be available on our webpage by January 1, 2023 and open until March 5, 2023 for this Bursary season. Where there is more than one applicant, one name will be drawn at random by the Management of 2-Spirits with all eligible applicants names for each separate Bursary. As we follow the take what you need teaching, anyone who is eligible and can use this Bursary can apply including friends and family of staff (staff are not eligible to apply individually). We encourage you all to share this information with anyone you know and if you would like to know more please contact info@2spirits.org or if you would like to participate in creating your own Bursary for 2024 please contact us as well. After January 1, 2023 please visit www.2spirits.org/bursaries to apply. 2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations commits to covering the cost of administration, Canada Helps fee and cost of the celebration.

The Copenace & Sinclair Bursary
Two-Spirited Traditional Medicine Talk Scholarship
Leonor Mendoza Tan Memorial Bursary
Kenda Hoffer 2-Spirited Womyn Bursary
Ella Giizhig Ga Ikwe Bursary
Red Sky Candles Bursary
David McCrady Jr. Memorial Bursary
Mahogany Mawka Bursary
Budhiraja Family Bursary

Award Presentation

Applicants will be invited to an in person event where we will announce the winners of each bursary and award them accordingly, in January of 2023. Participants are asked to be willing to have their name and take a photo to be featured in our webpage and or any other promotion/celebration of this program in hopes this will prompt other applicants in the future as well as other sponsors.

Please visit www.2spirits.org/donate-now to donate today or www.2spirits.org/bursaries to learn more about creating your own Bursary for the 2-Spirit Community.