Fire Keeping Teaching: Releasing Ceremony

Are you looking to build a relationship with the Sacred Fire? Would you like to further your understanding of this Spiritual Relationship before caring for one? In this inclusive program, we aim to (re)ignite this passion for members wanting to learn Traditional Fire Keeping Teachings. A number of community leaders have agreed to help deliver these teachings through this hybrid style program, meaning we will be meeting In-Person AND on Zoom for our national/international members. Snacks will be provided, drums and rattles are more than welcome!

This month’s gathering we will be talking about Releasing ceremonies that can be done through Sacred Fires (we acknowledge there are many forms of releasing ceremonies).

Those who wish to partake can also do so at this time. Paper and pencils will be available on site, no materials are needed to attend.

To register, please complete this online registration form–cSgeZRPzjI89e52qZB6muNZ7lZxSx7SWfvUUPC-3GYww/viewform or email for more details.

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