Traditional Teachings with Harlan Pruden and Cameron Carley

Indigenous teachings have been traditionally passed down through generations and have withstood the trials of time. In this modern day, we welcome you to join us online to learn Traditional Teachings from Nations across Turtle Island. To register, complete this online registration form:…/1FAIpQLSceLJoTDba5oi…/viewform or email

Family P.A. Day at 2-Spirits

Nothing to do this PA day? Join us at 2-Spirited of the 1st Nations for a day of land based fun! Stop by our Danforth location to participate in terrarium making, hand drumming, tobacco offering, and many more outdoor activities this Friday (February 17th, 2023) from 11am-2pm. We will also be having a Covid-19 andContinue reading “Family P.A. Day at 2-Spirits”

Fire Keeping Teaching: Releasing Ceremony

Are you looking to build a relationship with the Sacred Fire? Would you like to further your understanding of this Spiritual Relationship before caring for one? In this inclusive program, we aim to (re)ignite this passion for members wanting to learn Traditional Fire Keeping Teachings. A number of community leaders have agreed to help deliverContinue reading “Fire Keeping Teaching: Releasing Ceremony”

I.D. Clinic at 2-Spirits

What is an I.D. clinic? An I.D. clinic is a clinic for those who are looking to obtain basic identification, who currently do not have the required documents requested by Service Ontario. Please note, this is a in person clinic. This clinic will be able to help you obtain with the following documents. Birth RegistrationContinue reading “I.D. Clinic at 2-Spirits”