Poetry Night

Let us tell your story, we heard of the weight it holds, upon your heart, the poison sinks, as this colonial world unfolds. For they do not know what you carry, or the tears you have let flown, Because all our relations and all of our ancestors have struggled with something we’ve held. A shame. This shame that should never have grown, in a place where no one should own, but still it is there. In our Past and in our Present. Our histories will never be forgotten, but in it we acknowledge the Strength, the Resilience and the Perseverance, that our ancestors have woven within us. Let us tell your story, the common struggles that we endured, not just to lighten an invisible load, but to honor the heartbeat we share.

Listen to, and retell, inspiring stories meant to motivate spirits for generations to come, while never forgetting the struggles our communities have come through. Join us as we collectively build a book of poems that highlight the strengths of our Nations. To register, please complete this online registration form:   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdf5l2TF0Z-FMhP9tdpUJ8d0ry4wZ6_11zc9-ryTK-CM3HBKg/viewform   or  email culturecoordinator@2spirits.org for more details.

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