Vaccine Clinic at 145 Front St E suite 203 at the new Tungasuvvingat Inuit office

Friday, October 21st, we will be hosting a Covid-19 Vaccine clinic with Auduzhe Mino Nesewinong and Tungasuvvingat Inuit Toronto

To sign up or to ask any questions, please reach out to any of the following folks:

Paige: (TI)

Amanda: (2-Spirits)

Jess: (Auduzhe)

Vaccines available at the clinic!:

Moderna 18+ Bivalent (Booster) Vaccine : Recommended interval from previous dose 6 months. Minimum 3 months

Moderna 6 months – <5 Vaccine: 1st dose, 2nd dose (8 weeks after 1st dose) Please note, they can’t have any vaccines two weeks before their appointment

Pfizer Adult/12+: 1st dose, 2nd dose (3-8 weeks from your first shot), 3rd dose (12+) (18+ 3 months from the second shot) (12-17, 6 months (168 days) from the second shot) 4th dose (18+) (140 days from your third shot)

Pfizer 5-11: 1st dose, 2nd dose (8 week after 1st dose), 3rd dose (6 months from 2nd dose).

Auduzhe Minio Nesewinong will also be providing medicine bags and $25 gift cards to Presidents Choice or Tim Hortons to those who take part in this clinic

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